Plast Ukrainian Scout Camp

Pysanyj Kamin'
Ukrainian Scout Camp



OTK-3 is hosting scout camps at Pysanyy Kamin' in July 2000. Forms will be going out April 10.

The application form and 1/2 the camp cost are due by May 15 (a Monday). The deadline is mandated by KPS, and there is a significant fine for late applications. The postmark on your envelope will be the determining factor. Please do NOT send your mail certified; this will only delay it 1-2 weeks until someone is available to pick it up during normal hours.

Sometime in June receipts will be sent out to all registrees which will indicate the amount due at camp and other forms needed.


Mailed by May 15
  • Registration form (2 pages, SIGNED)
  • Liability release (SIGNED)
  • Deposit (1/2 of total cost minimum)
On the first day of camp
  • Remainder of camp cost
  • Medical form (SIGNED by parents too)
It is preferable but not required that all of the above be sent in before camp. Sending in all materials ahead of time will speed at-camp registration, but if doing so, please send the items at least one week in advance of camp.


Medical Form (PDF document)

Required and Prohibited Equipment List (PDF document)

Camp cost table (PDF document)

How to get to PK (GIF image, 200K)

Topographic map of PK (PDF document)

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Mark D. Bej
+1 216 444-0119