Mark's Ukrainian-Related Stuff

Mark's Ukrainian-Related Stuff

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Custom Keyboard Info for Win NT

Pysanyy Kamin' Tabir Information

A Phonetic Ukrainian Keyboard for WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS

A Phonetic Ukrainian Keyboard for WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows

This is a WordPerfect 6.1 template that includes a Ukrainian keyboard. It was put here by request but is NOT yet perfected. At some point I'll post a keyboard layout.

N.B.: By downloading any files, you agree to the following licensing agreement.

Links to Other Sites>
If you've not been there yet, it is de rigeur to visit this Ukraine FAQ Site.

Plast Links (Ukrainian Scouting organization)

A Chronicle of Scouting in Eastern Europe: Ukraine
A Plast page.
More links to Plast stuff.
Plastuny on the Internet page.
A Lisovi Chorty page.
Greg Tkaczyk's Plast page.

Emigre Stuff
U. Toronto Ukrainian Club Site
Ukrainians' e-mail addresses.
Ukrainian American Nautical Association

Native Stuff

List of Ukrainian government officials

Hybrid Stuff
Ukrainian Foreign University Alumni Association
Oleh Baran's page of Ukie stuff.

Cultural Stuff

Ukrainian Pysanky (Easter Eggs)

Computer Stuff

ABCruz Software
KOI-8 on Windows
KOI-8 on Windows, UNIX, Mac

Courtesy of Gene Hrynczyszyn
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