Thanks to Phil Donelly and others for clarifying many points.
Interlocking in ABS traffic-circuit territory
Traffic lever can't be thrown
19 order issued to run opposing traffic.
Signal can't be displayed
"C" card was for permission to pass the signal; governs only in interlocking limits.
Operate 1 train length into track outside interlocking limits, against the current of traffic, for switching moves
Operator or dispatcher would inform the crew to operate one train length, but absolute block protection against opposing movements had to be made by operator or dispatcher.
Operate on track against the current of traffic
Form 19 train order, form [standard text] D-R, to run 'against the grain' in ABS territory. Governs only outside of interlocking limits.
Interlocking in TCS APB-circuit territory
If the traffic couldn't reverse, the DISPR could verbal the train in.
Manual Block territory
MBS block station closed, or block-limit station remotely controlled
"K" card