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Disclaimer & Caveant Lectores

In general, the pages contained herein reflect more or less current practice of large railroads, to the best understanding of the authors of the given pages. Most pages of this FAQ describe what could be called "Good Operating Practice" (in the spirit of the various ISO 9000-related "Good ___ Practice"s that have recently been promulgated).

Nothing on this page or subsidiary pages should be understood or construed as "official" in any way unless specifically so specified or directly quoted. Even when such direct quotations are present, they must be understood to have been operant at the time they were in force; they may or may not remain in force at present.

Some material is quite specific to one railroad's practice; other material is extremely general. Generalizations may range from true to irrelevant to incorrect to frankly dangerous when applied to specific situations on YFRR (Your Favorite Railroad). Finally, considerable variation exists between the practices of various countries, railroads, within a given railroad at various times in its history, and among the various main lines, branch lines, and secondary tracks of any given railroad.

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