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Here's what's new on this web site. Dates proceed from latest to earliest.

-Date- Sub-Page Item Status


01.23 Maps Phila-Wash main line Washington Terminal maps added
01.01 ALL All Migration has started to


11.14 Fan Railfanning the PRR updates to passenger cars, locomotives, HELP requested
11.08 People People of the PRR new section
10.31 DocumentationForms many forms added
10.31 Maps Phila.-Har. main older version of Roy added
10.31 Maps Log.-Chicago main photos added
10.31 Maps Chicago branches photos added
08.21 Fan Cabin cars new info
03.06 Links Links page more added
02.04 Maps Ft. W-Chicago branches done
01.20 Maps Ft. W-Chicago main Chi. div. done
01.05 Maps South Bend Branch done
01.05 Maps Ft. W-Chicago main Chicago div nearly done


12.28 Maps Ft. W-Chicago main edited maps 1-4
12.15 DocumentationForms added
07.05 Maps Logansport several new maps
07.03 Maps Canton District completed
03.31 Questions New Questions new
02.17 Railfanning Freight Cars new info
01.31 Documents Maps Sandusky Branch done
01.21 Documents Maps Sandusky Branch
01.05 Documents Maps Detroit main


12.02 Railfanning Excursions new
11.21 Questions New Questions new
11.21 Documents Maps Tentative maps of Chicago area
11.21 Documentation Corporate structure, Bob Netzlof More updates
11.20 Documents Freight Train Schedules DONE !! DONE !!
10.08 Documents Maps New map of Logansport
11.09 Documents Freight Train Schedules 90% completed
10.28 Documents Freight Train Schedules 80% completed
10.27 Documentation Corporate structure, Bob Netzlof Bunches of stuff added
10.15 Documentation Corporate structure, Bob Netzlof Whole new section!
10.14 Documents Freight Train Schedules 66% completed
10.08 Documents Maps New York Div., Detroit main
09.28 Documents Maps many more added to Fort Wayne line
09.25 Documents Maps many more added
09.15 Documents Freight Train Schedules over 60% completed
08.22 Documents Freight Train Schedules over 50% completed
07.18 Documents Maps
reorganized; notify me of any broken links
07.18 Documents Freight Schedules many additions
05.27 Railfanning main page Updated
05.27 Railfanning Stations Updated
05.11 Railfanning Structures, Stations Updated
05.06 Maps many more maps on New York main and branches pages. LOTS NEW
04.15 Documents Freight Train Schedules list broke 100 trains
03.01 Maps N.Y. Div. Maps.Lots new.
02.18 Standard Plans Standard Plans NEW!
02.15 --- PRR Organizations list new page
02.15 Documents Freight Train Schedules list many added


11.22 Documentation Existing PRR Eqpt. new
11.22 Questions New Questions new
11.22 Questions All pages reorganized
11.10 RailfanningAll pages pages
11.10 Railfanning Preserved PRR Cabin Cars updated
11.07 Documentation Pass. train Q new
10.31 Documentation Steam loco classification new
09.04 Documentation Catenary expanded, updated, and edited
07.09 Maps 10 new maps added
04.08 Home Document names updated
04.08 Questions Recurring questions updated
04.04 Maps General Order (Employee TT) maps added
03.31 Fan Link: PRR Photos new
03.21 Fan Link to Dennison RR museum new
03.14 Documentation Document Names/Numbers updated
03.14 Schedules Freight Train Schedules new trains added
03.03 Documentation Document Names/Numbers updated
02.07 Railfanning Many items added
02.07 Questions 2 questions answered
01.31 Maps General Order track diagrams 12 more
01.24 Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Announcement of PC new
01.24 Maps General Order (Employee Timetable update) track diagrams 5 new
01.16 Documentation PRR Divisional Structure new
01.13 Railfanning new pass. car added updated
01.13 Modelling new page, broken off links page where this information was previously; some new info new


12.02 Questions new pass car question added
11.15 Railfanning Railfanning the PRR various updates
11.09 Documents PRR Freight Train Schedules not proofread
11.08 Documentation Helper Districts NW Pa. added
11.01 Questions new question, ToC added
10.09 Links various links added & updated
10.08 Maps Electrification map added
10.02 Maps S. Philly, Jersey, Schuylkill Br., miscellaneous added
10.02 Questions Signalling question added
09.30 Maps Penn, N. Phila., Ford, Shore, Holmes interlockings; Chestnut Hill Br. added
09.30 Documents Freight Train Schedules partial ToC
not proofread
09.23 Maps Dale, Thorn, Park interlockings added
09.18 Maps Broad, Overbrook, Bryn Mawr, Paoli interlockings added
09.15 Railfanning Loco & station info added
09.13 Maps Centennial History maps 9-14 added
09.12 Maps Zoo interlocking added

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