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PRR-oriented General, Personal Web Sites

The descriptions of the sites listed below are the sites' authors', save for the 3 very brief ones, which temporarily are my own, pending receipt of their own versions.

Christopher O. Brandt

Pictures and memorabilia by someone who still sees Roman columns on 34th street and hears a GG1 humming the rails.

Keystone Crossings;   Jerry Britton

Keystone Crossings offer historical photographs, paintings, maps, and the like of the former Pennsylvania Railroad, predominately from Harrisburg thru Cresson, Pa. Also offered are photographs of her legacy railroad, Conrail, and from related museums and other sites. Also, links to the author's HO model railroad and other sites of mutual interest.

Rob Schoenberg

PRR rolling stock roster. CGI routine to make PRR station signs.

Bruce Smith

The Pennsylvania Railroad Page (PRR) contains (or will contain) roster and history information on PRR motive power, with emphasis on electrics, and the electrified PRR lines (eg the Columbia & Port Deposit, Atglen & Susquehanna, the Trenton cutoff, and the NY to Wash DC mainline. The page also contains links for PRR model sources, information on the PRRT&HS with the table of contents of each Keystone, and a question and answer section called "Helper Service". Finally, there will be a page displaying PRR ASCII art.

The Pennsylvania Pages, Allen Underkofler

"A rambling of thoughts and memorabilia about the PRR", in the words of the author. Pictures of stations. Presently contains mainly links to other sites.

Pennsylvania, George Elwood.

The entire Web site currently contains over 150 Meg of images, maps, and documentation. The PRR page has number photos of PRR diesel locomotives and freight cars. Some maps, timetables, and structure photos are also online.

Al's Pennsy & Eastern

, "AlbertSr"
Currently contains a significant number of PRR locomotive pictures.

CMRR site

PRR Historical Equipment Roster, text maps of several portions of the PRR. Roster

Gary Mittner's PRR site

Pennsy's Train Pictures

An Australian site with some PRR pictures.

(Not Named)

A Lines West site is promised at this address.

Lorraine Diehl's site about her book, The Late, Great, Pennsylvania Station

Mike's Railway History, Page 009

PRR steam page by Roy Caldwell
Over 160 pictures of PRR steam locomotives with thumbnail index and text index.

GR&I page

[Matt Anderson]

PRR P&E, E&P, Chautauqua branches web page

[Jerry Shickler]
The site documents the PRR branches serving Erie County, PA.


[Alex Lu]
There are PRR fans in Scotland!

Listserv (mail group) PRR-Talk

This is not a Web site, but a list for discussion of PRR stuff. To subscribe, send mail to In the Subject line or in the body, include the following text: SUB PRR-Talk your_name . To post a new message, send mail to .

PRR-oriented Web Sites of Organizations, Etc.

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society web site


This site includes pages for the National and for the Philadelphia Chapter.

PRRMO - PRR Cyber Modular Modelers group

Pennsylvania railroads site of the Pennsylvania (state) Center for Travel, Tourism & Film.

PRR-oriented Web Site Portions or One-Topic Sites">PRR Steam Photo Roster: Clint Chamberlin

Thanks to the efforts of Budd Laws, I have been able to put together the largest PRR Steam Photo Roster on the net. This [roster consists of] 300+ [entries].

Existing Railroad Stations in New York State: Charles P. Woolever

[Charles Woolever's] site deals with exisiting railroad stations in New York state. The site has been up and running on the Web since February 1996. To date over 570 stations have been collected, with many more to go. There are still a few PRR stations left in the state.

Ohio Existing Railroad Stations:
Pennsylvania Existing Railroad Stations:
Dan West

Dan West's listing of over 270 extant Ohio stations, including PRR stations, logged by county.

Northern Central Railway

New Freedom, Pa. Restoration of cars for a dinner train.

Vagel Keller's Industrial Heritage Homepage


Railroads of Madison County [Indiana]; Roger Hensley


Pennsylvania RR Photos

A portion of the Web site of George Elwood. The major portion of the site is an Erie-Lackawanna Web page.

Altoona Archives

PRR photos of Brian Ward

Hulett ore unloaders

Hulett ore unloaders

Information, General

Information, by Geographic Area

PRR Stuff for Sale

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Other Stuff

Mark's Railroad-Related Stuff
A Pennsylvania Railroad Home Page
A PRR Home Page: Other Internet Resources

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