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Sic Transit Gloria Mundi -- Thus Passeth the Glory of the World.

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I will attempt herein to document some of the more interesting changes to the original PRR that occurred in the years 1968-present.

The Infamous Deed is Announced

Announcement in Central Region Employee Timetable
Note the wording carefully. Officially (at least as the printer was directed to print it by the Philadelphia boys), the NYC is absorbed into the PRR.

Transit Through Penn Central


Terre Haute, Ind., 1968.04.28
Connection joining NYC Big Four line to PRR Vandalia Line to St. Louis. This, along with changes at Pine Jct. near Chicago, was one of the first post-merger moves made by PC.

The Penn Central Home Page

The definitive Penn Central site. This dude's either brave or stupid. But he's at Case Western Reserve, so he can't be stupid. I therefore conclude he's just, plain brave. Enjoys watching worms Do The Dirty Deed. Able to see through ineptitude with his X-ray vision. Skirts massive verbal abuse in a single bound. Nearly as powerful as 10,000 angry PRR fans. Definitely NOT more powerful than a K4 locomotive, though. :-) Just plain brave.



Changes from Conrail Pa. Clearance Project
Changes near Valparaiso, Ind.

Current Disposition of PRR Lines

Rochester main line
See Friends of The Genesee Valley Greenway Inc.

Louisville & Indiana


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