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[The Pennsylvania Railroad.]
[New York ?Region[,] Block Stations, Interlockings, Etc.] [1968.]

HAROLD 0 Sunnyside, L.I. (L.I.R.R.)
A 8 Penna. Sta. N.Y.
BAY 29 Newark - Bayonne (Movable Bridge)
BO 31 Bordentown, N.J.
C 8 Penna. Sta. N.Y.
CY 30 C.R.R. of N.J.
COUNTY 18 New Brunswick, N.J.
DOCK 11 Newark, N.J. (3 Movable Bridges)
EDISON 17 Edison, N.J. (Cont. from LINCOLN)
ELMORA 15 South Elizabeth, N.J.
E.R.T. 4 Panna. Sta. to L.I. City
F 1 Long Island City
FAIR 22 Trenton, N.J.
FARMINGDALE 34 Farmingdale, N.J.
FRENCHTOWN 36 Frenchtown, N.J.
GRAPE 28 Kearny, N.J.
GRUNDY 24 Bristol, Pa.
HACK 27 Jersey City, N.J. (2 Movable Brdgs)
HUDSON 11 Harrison, N.J.
HUNTER 13 West Newark Jct. N.J.
JG 33 Jamesburg, N.J.
JO 8 Penna. Sta. N.Y.
G 35 Belvidere, N.J.
KARNY 28 Kearny, N.J. (Movable Bridge)
KN 8 Penna. Sta. N.Y.
LANE 14 West Newark, N.J.
LINCOLN17 Metuchen, N.J.
MA 32 Morrisville, Pa.
MB 32 Morrisville, Pa.
MIDWAY 19 Monmouth Jct. N.J.
MILLHAM21 Trenton, N.J.
MORRIS 23 Morrisville, Pa.
MG 37 Trenton, N.J.
MY 32 Morrisville, Pa.
N.R.T. 9 Penna. Sta. to Secaucus, N.J.
NASSAU 20 Princeton, N.J.
PORTAL 10 Secaucus, N.J. (Movable Bridge)
Q 1 Long Island City
R 1 Long Island City
SA 42 South Amboy, N.J. (N.Y. & L.B.R.R.)
UNION 16 Rahway, N.J.
Waldo 26 Jersey City, N.J.
WR 26 Jersey City, N.J.
WC 41 South Amboy, N.J. (C.R.R. of N.J.)
25 Sig 695 Grundy to M.P. 76

Editor's Notes:

Original is in 2 sets of 3 columns each.
"E.R.T." and "N.R.T." no doubt stand for East and North River Tubes, respectively.
The nearly, but not quite, alphabetical order, and the lowercase "Waldo", are as in the original.
The list of interlockings is missing several, including at least COPPER, NICKEL, MC, WA2.
The last entry, sheet 25, is hand-written.
The following sheets are missing from this set:
4, East River Tubes
8, A-C-KN-JO
9, North River Tubes
25, Sig 695 Grundy to M.P. 76
31, BO
34, Farmingdale
41, WC
42, SA

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