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Greenwich Yard

See the map for STADIUM interlocking, below.

Gray's Ferry Branch

Starts at ZOO interlocking, junction of the New York and Harrisburg mains, and proceeds southward ("east") to vicinity of Pennsylvania Station/30th St., connecting to some trackage from upper level (commuter trains), ducks underneath 32nd St. and proceeds to ARSENAL interlocking on the Washington main line

GRAYS FERRY, Philadelphia, Pa., M.P. ???

Ref 2, Sheet 19, 1969; 2102x901, 31K, 200 dpi

Movable bridge across the Schuylkill River leading to street trackage down Washington Ave., parts of which was still in place in the early 1990s.

Delaware Extension

Connects PRR main lines from/to New York, Harrisburg/Pittsburgh, and Washington to Greenwich Yard, port facilities, and Delaware Avenue street trackage in southern Philadelphia. The Delaware Ave. trackage (basically N/S, along the river) used to connect to the PRR Washington St. trackage (E/W), then to the Reading RR port facilities, then to the Kensisgton & Tioga Branch which hooked back into the main line at HOLMES.
Starts at ARSENAL on the Washington main line.

[27] PENROSE, Philadelphia, Pa.

8143x875, 92K, 150 dpi
Broken image? Try: Part 1 and Part 2

[15] STADIUM, PAY, South Philadelphia, Pa.

4262x1275, 121K, 150 dpi

Including Greenwich Yard. (Yes, unfortunately, "Greenwich" is pronounced 'GREEN-witch'.)

West Chester Branch

Starts at ARSENAL on the Washington main line.


Shellpot Branch

Starts at BELL on the Washington main line. Proceeds straight southward, bypassing the city of Wilmington on its east side. (The main line turns in a westerly direction to enter the city.)

Edge Moor Yard

BRIDGE, LANE, WARD, [BANK], Wilmington, Del., M.P. ?

Ref 6, Sheet 27, 1962; 6635x1058, 147K, 200 dpi

Movable bridge over the Christina River. Immediately south of the bridge, the New Castle Secondary veers off to the SE to its namesake county seat. Also, a Reading Co. brnach is crossed. Less than a mile later, at LANE, another Reading branch is crossed. WARD is unique in controlling 2 separate bridges, one PRR, the other RDG, over another section of the Christina River. That RDG branch then also crosses the Shellpot Branch. Finally, the Shellpot Br. has a junction with and crosses over the Delmarva Branch at BANK.

Ends at RAGAN interlocking on the Washington main line, south of Wilmington.

Delmarva Branch

Starts at RAGAN (DAVIS? both?) on the Washington main line.
HEARN--[DELMAR]--PATTON, 1967, G.O. 2338
DELMAR Train Order Office closed and signals removed. This was all Manual Block territory. The same General Order redesignated the Seaford--Hearn section of the Delmarva Branch as Seaford Secondary Track, and the Patton--Cassatt section as the Pocomoke Secondary Track. This was obviously the start or continuation of a major downgrading of the Delmarva line.

Columbia & Port Deposit Branch

Starts at COLA on the Columbia Branch.

PORT, CRES, Safe Harbor, Cresswell, Pa. (40K, 200 dpi)

PORT is named for "Port Road", nickname for the C&PD Branch.

Connection to the Atglen & Susquehanna Branch.

Ends at PERRY on the Washington main line.

Northern Central (York Haven Line, York Secondary, etc.)

Starts at the docks in Baltimore. Joins Washington main line at UNION JCT., passing through Pennsylvania Station, Baltimore, to B&P JCT..


, York, Pa. (32K, Jerry Britton's site) (broken link)
A rather complicated interlocking in terms of operations. Junction to the York Secondary (which once crossed the Susquehanna from Wrightsville to Columbia) and the Frederick Branch, and also to the "old, original" Maryland & Pennsylvania. Anyone interested in signalling and operations may want to read the description of this interlocking that I've written up.

CLY, Goldsboro, Pa.

LEMO, Lemoyne, Pa.

DAY, ?Enola, Pa.

Former Northern Central RR. northward, crossing to eastern shore of Susquehanna River on own bridge (north of Rockville Bridge - piers are still visible in the river), then proceeding north to Sunbury, Pa. The latter portion is the present-day Buffalo main line.


Bowie Race Track Branch

Bowie Race Track Br., 1968, G.O. 2343
The General Order was written up on the last day of the Pennsy, 31 Jan. 1968, and made effective at 12.01 AM, the same time Penn Central officially came into being. The G.O. has the interesting text:
Effective Monday, Feburary 12, 1968, between 11.59 A.M. and 1.30 P.M., and between 4.30 P.M. and 6.00 P.M. and continuing Daily except Sundays, and Friday, April 12, 1968, until Saturday, April 20, 1968.
I have no recollection of a General Order spelling out such varied days of effectiveness of a G.O. paragraph, in such detail. My apologies for the poor image quality; the original is difficult to read.

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