PRR Freight Train Schedules: Train Symbol Names

PRR Freight Train Schedules, 1960

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This is a list of what I presume to be the meaning of the train symbol names listed in the freight schedules index. If anyone has additional information, corrections, or comments, please email me.

This table is unfinished in a major way.

Symbol Numbers Meaning From-To
A 1, 2, 5, 6 ?Atlantic South Amboy--W.Morrisville
BF 3, 4 ?Buffalo Enola--Buffalo
BL 1, 2, 5, 6 ?Belvedere-Delaware Phillipsburg--various
BP 2, 5 ?Baltimore & Potomac Potomac Yard--So. Phila.
[CB]Chartiers Branch [1] Scully-Washington
CIN 2 ?Cincinnati Cincinnati--Hars. Cove
CV 60, 61, 85, 88 Cuberland Valley Hagerstown--Enola
FW 24, 26, 88, 89 ?Fort Wayne; ?Feed & Water Ft. Wayne--various
FWC 2,3 Fort Wayne [to] Chicago Ft. Wayne--Chicago(59th St.)
HW 2, 3 High-Wide Enola--Conway
LCL 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 Less than Car Load various
NF 4, 6 No Feed Chicago--Hars. Cove
PG 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 33, 34 ??PittsburGh Region trains various; were the ones not reaching Pgh Region shortened at some time?
PH 3, 4 PanHandle 3,4: piggybacks
others: Pitcairn/Conway--various
PM 2, 3 ??Pitcairn to Mingo Jct.
PNE 2 ??? Enola--Greenville
PR 6 ??PitcaiRn Pitcairn--Altoona
PT 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 60, 61 ??Pittsburgh Terminal various, between Pgh. yards
PT 84, 85 ?? Phila.(G'wich)--Camden
PWC 1 ?? Pitcairn--Chicago
PY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Pittsburgh, Younstown & Ashtabula Conway--Niles
PYC 1 ?? Conway--Chicago
R 63, 64 ?? Phillipston--Renovo
RA 14 ?? Altoona--Southport
RH 7, 8 ??Richmond Logansport--Richmond
RN 1, 2 Renovo to Northumberland (thus)
RS 5, 6 Renovo to Southport (thus)
SO 1, 2 Shire Oaks S.O. Yd.--Oil City, Buffalo
SF 1 South Fork Hars. Cove--South Fork
SW 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 28, 29, 30, 31 Southwest ?Division Conway--various
[SWT][3, 4] ??? ??? (ref. in PT-2)
TC 12, 15, 16 Toledo to Columbus
TD 11 ??Toledo Division Columbus--Detroit
TH 1, 3, 4 Thurlow (near Chester, Pa.)
TM 1, 2 Toledo to Mingo Jct. (thus)
TP 1, 2 ??? So. Phila.--Edge Moor
TT 1, 2, 3, 4 TrucTrain NYC area to Chicago or St. Louis
VC 1 ??? Conway--Cleveland
VL 9 ??? Conway--Columbus
W 2, 5, 9, 10 ??? various, Erie main
[WA][6, others?] ??Waverly Waverly--???
WC 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15 ?Waverly to Conway
?West Coast Clipper
also to Ft.W and Chi.
[WF][16] ??? Waverly--Greenville ??only
WP 15, 20, 21 Western Pennsylvania [?Rwy.] Pitcairn--Kiski Jct., but also one Altoona--Conway
WPB 4 Wheeling to Potomac Yard [B = ?] (thus)
YE 1, 2, 3, 4 York to Enola (thus)
YR 1, 2 ??? Uniontown--Pitcairn
ZB 1, 2, 11, 12, 15, 16 Zanessille Branch various
1/D6 Delmar Edge Moor
2/D6 Delmar Edge Moor
B1 Baltimore Enola
BC5 Baltimore Conway
EC2 Sodus Point Williamsport
EC3 Enola Sodus Point
EP1 Conway Erie
EP2 Erie Conway
SL26 Terre Haute Indianapolis
THC1 Terre Haute Logansport
A-B6 Enola Potomac Yard
A30 Camden W.Morrisville
A31 W.Morrisville Camden
A33 Florence Camden
A34 Camden Florence
A36 Camden Bordentown
A37 Bordentown Camden
A38 Camden Beverly
A39 Beverly Camden
A5 Greenville Camden
A6 Camden Greenville
AC10 Altoona Baltimore
AMC2 Altoona Northumberl'd
AN3 Northumberl'd Altoona
ANl6 Altoona Northumberl'd
APS1 Columbus E.St.Louis
APS3 Cleveland Detroit
APS4 Detroit Cleveland
AS-11 Pgh.-16th St. Conway
AS10 Conway Pgh.-16th St.
B2 Enola Potomac Yard
B8 Enola Baltimore
B9 Potomac Yard Enola
BC7 Wilkes-Barre Conway
BC8 Conway Blairsville
BC9 Blairsville Conway
BF14 Buffalo Enola
BF20 Buffalo Olean
BF21 Olean Buffalo
BF5 Enola Buffalo
BF7 Enola Buffalo
BL34 Altoona W.Morrisville
BNY16 Buffalo Greenville
BP106 Potomac Yard Baltimore
BP125 Baltimore Potomac Yard
BRC5 Conway Chicago(59thSt.)
CA10 Conway Altoona
CBC1 Columbus Crestline
CBC2 Crestline Columbus
CBF1 Conway Buffalo
CBF2 Buffalo Conway
CBF3 Conway Buffalo
CBF4 Buffalo Conway
CC2 E.St.Louis Columbus
CD1 Cleveland Toledo
CD2 Toledo Cleveland
CE2 Cleveland Enola
CE4 Cleveland Edge Moor
CE5 Conway Cleveland
CG2 Effner Greenville
CG8 Chicago(59thSt) Greenville
CI3 Cincinnati Indianapolis
CI4 Indianapolis Cincinnati
CIN1 Conway Cincinnati
CIN4 Cincinnati Columbus
CN27 Columbus Richmond
CN28 Richmond Columbus
CN29 Columbus Richmond
CN30 Richmond Columbus
CNY2 Chgo.(59th St.) Greenville
CO1 Cincinnati Logansport
CO2 Chgo.(59th St.) Cincinnati
CO3 Cincinnati Chicago(55thSt.)
CO8 Logansport Cincinnati
CP1 Conway Mingo Jct.
CP2 Wheeling Conway
CP4 Mingo Jct. Conway
CP5 Conway Mingo Jct.
CP6 Columbus Pitcairn
CP8 Conway So. Phila.
CS1 Hars. Cove Potomac Yard
CS8 Chgo.(55th St.) Greenville
CSB8 Conway Wilkes-Barre
CW1 Conway Weirton Jct.
CW2 Weirton Jct. Conway
CW3 Weirton Jct. Columbus
CW4 Columbus Weirton Jct.
D2 Norfolk-C.Chas. Edge Moor
D27 Edge Moor Delmar
D3 Edge Moor C.Chas.-Norfolk
D33 Edge Moor Delmar
D4 Cape Charles Delmar
D7 Delmar Cape Charles
DC1 Chgo.(110th St.) Chgo.(59th St.)
DC2 Chgo.(59th St.) Chgo.(110th St.)
DC8 Cincinnati Detroit
DC9 Detroit Cincinnati
E6 Enola Potomac Yard
EC5 Potomac Yard Enola
EC6 Williamsport Enola
EC7 Enola Conway
EC9 Enola Conway
ED2 Detroit Conway
ED3 Camden-Pitcairn Detroit
ED37 Conway Canton
ED38 Canton Conway
ED4 Detroit Camden
ED43 Pitcairn Conway
ED45 Pgh.-43rd St. Conway
ED46 Conway Pgh.-43rd St.
ED48 Conway Pitcairn
ED51 Pitcairn Conway
ED52 Conway Pitcairn
ED58 Conway Scully
ED59 Scully Conway
ED7 Canton Crestline
ED8 Crestline Canton
LC11 Jeffersonville Indianapolis
EH2 Enola Edge Moor
EM1 Ernest Enola
EM2 Enola Ernest
ET1 So. Amboy Enola
ET2 Enola So. Amboy
FC1 Cleveland Columbus
FC2 Cincinnati Cleveland
FJ2 Enola Camden
FJ6 Enola Camden
GR6 Mackinaw City Richmond
GR7 Cincinnati Mackinaw City
GRE2 Chgo.(55thSt.) Conway
GWC1 Phila.(G'wich) Conway
HS1 Shire Oaks Ashtabula
HS2 Ashtabula Shire Oaks
IL1 Indianapolis Logansport
IL2 Logansport Indianapolis
IL4 Indianapolis Louisville
IS3 Bicknell Indianapolis
IS4 Indianapolis Bicknell
KC1 Pgh.43rd St. Kiski Jct.
KC2 Kiski Jct. Pgh.43rd St.
LD1 Logansport Chgo.(55thSt.)
LD19 Logansport Effner
LD2 Chgo.(55thSt.) Logansport
LD20 Effner Logansport
LM5 Columbus Cincinnati
LT2 Logansport Terre Haute
M10 Altoona Enola
M16 Altoona Enola
M20 Altoona Harrisburg
M9 Enola Altoona
MA52 Pitcairn W.Brownsville
MA53 W.Brownsville Pitcairn
MC1 Mingo Jct. Cleveland
MC2 Cleveland Mingo Jct.
MC9 Mingo Jct. Columbus
MD116 Baltimore Camden
MD117 Camden Baltimore
MD13 Greenville Potomac Yard
MD16 Edge Moor Greenville
MD18 Potomac Yard Greenville
MD6 Potomac Yard Greenville
MD7 Greenville Edge Moor
MRR1 So. Amboy W.Brownsville
MW1 Mingo Jct. Benwood
N12 Morrisville Greenville
N13 Greenville Morrisville
N21 Hars. Cove So. Phila.
N28 So. Phila. Greenville
N3 Greenville So. Phila.
N8 So. Phila. Hars. Cove
NJC1 Waverly Sea Girt
NJC2 Sea Girt Waverly
NS7 Louisville Chgo.(59th St.)
NS8 Chgo.(59thSt.) Louisville
NW82 Chgo.(59thSt.) Conway
NW85 Columbus Chgo.(59th St.)
NW88 Chgo.(59thSt.) Enola
NWC1 Hars. Cove Conway
NY4 Enola Hars. Cove
P1 Meadows Enola
P14 Enola Greenville
P17 Phila.(G'wich) Enola
P19 Camden Enola
P3 Greenville Enola
P5 Hars. Cove Enola
P7 Phila.(G'wich) Enola
P8 Enola So. Phila.
P9 Camden Enola
PB1 Pitcairn Oil City
PB2 Oil City Pitcairn
PC1 Phila.(G'wich) Conway
PC7 Conemaugh Conway
PC8 Conway Conemaugh
PD1 Conway Toledo
PDS1 Columbus Hartsdale
PDS2 Hartsdale Columbus
PDS3 Columbus Hartsdale
PE3 Potomac Yard Enola
S1 Ernest Pottstown
S14 Reading Ernest
S15 Brnest Reading
S2 Pottstown Ernest
S3 So. Phila. Norristown
S4 Norristown So. Phila.
S5 Phila.(52ndSt.) Reading
S6 Reading Phila.(52ndSt.)
S80 Enola Wilkes-Barre
S82 Enola Wilkes-Barre
S83 Buttonwood Enola
S8l Buttonwood Enola
S97 Buttonwood Northumberl'd
S98 Northumberl'd Wilkes-Barre
SA1 Southport Altoona
SA3 Oil City Olean
SA4 Olean Oil City
SC10 Conway Shire Oaks
SC11 W.Brownsville Conway
SC12 Conway W.Brownsville
SC5 Shire Oaks Conway
SC6 Conway Shire Oaks
SC7 Shire Oaks Conway
SC8 Conway Shire Oaks
SC9 Shire Oaks Conway
SP2 Enola So. Phila.
SP8 Enola So. Phila.
ST2 Toledo Conway
SWC1 Greenville E.St.Louis


CB = Chartiers Branch; ref. in PT-2 probably not updated; daily trains were CB-7 and CB-8. [Kevin Trichtinger!;>]
PH [Rich Orr, Kevin __]
NF4, NF6 courtesy of Disk Eisfeller; No Feed trains run from Chicago to East Coast in < 36 hrs so that livestock did not need to be unloaded and fed.

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