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These schedules are transcribed from a large 3-ring binder of freight train schedules published by the PRR, currently in the author's collection. No doubt similar schedules were published in earlier years. Each schedule is on its own page, starting on an odd (right-hand side) page. Some schedules extend to more than one sheet of paper.
Consistency of Index
Quite a number of trains have schedule pages but are not listed in the index of my original. Are these schedules holdovers from a previous version of the schedule set (did someone forget to remove the page)? Or is the index the incorrect entity? I have chosen to update the index, maintaining the same format, to include these schedules. Anyone with more accurate information, please email me.
A number of superseded train schedules were included. I have chosen to include these earlier schedules. You will find the index entry for this train listed as the date that the earlier schedule was put into force.

Quite a number of schedules include references to trains that do not have a schedule in my binder. I do not know what this indicates. Was the binder not maintained properly by its employee owner? Were schedule pages lost later?

Formatting and Accuracy of Web pages

The index is reproduced as the original. Glaring errors, such as the wrong city of origin or destination, have been corrected. Abbreviations have been kept as in the original, though the impetus for abbreviations was clearly the page size, a consideration that is not a limiting factor in Web pages.

Text formatting and accuracy
The original is typewritten. Typically for typewriters, the font is monospaced. Formatting is not entirely consistent from schedule to schedule, but is a sufficiently clear pattern is present.

For a typewriter, the entire page is a tabula rasa, to be filled as one desires. Web page codes (HTML) cannot reproduce the original formatting precisely unless I force a particular page size, which I cannot do. Allowing pages to be resized forces a compromise -- quite a reasonable compromise, but a compromise.

I did not think that being true to the prototype included placing every character upon the page precisely as the original had it, for the typist of the original was him(her)self inconsistent from schedule to schedule. Thus, the standard that I have sought is:

to reproduce the sequence of words precisely.
Comments/arguments/complaints on the adequacy of such a stance are readily accepted.

This being said, I have endeavored to maintain the flavor of the original as much as possible. Thus, spellings, capitalizations, and punctuation of the railroad/PRR idiom found within were retained, unless clearly incorrect (such as a missed capitalization of a town or city).

In a number of cases line breaks were added for clarity. This was done for all city names, to keep them on a separate line as a heading. For "Consist -", short phrases were kept on the same line, whereas longer ones included a line break. Spaces were inserted after the periods in "Ft.Wayne", "E.St.Louis", etc. for readability. "Set off Block ...", "Protect connection from ...", "Pick up ...", and "Protect connection to ..." were kept on separate lines, consistent with the great majority, but not all, of the original schedules. Most problematic was "Closing Hour" entries, which could be formatted either as a table or as a list with hanging indentations. I tried to maintain the flavor of the original formatting as much as possible.

Obviously missing punctuation is added in brackets []. Corrections involving a change of letter (i.e., other than capitalizations) are noted in an Editor Note at the bottom of each schedule. The typist and proofreader are likewise noted.

I am looking for proofreaders willing to review sections of these schedules.


Three indices are provided at the beginning of this publication: by train number, by city of origin, and by city of destination. From the indices you may proceed to the freight train schedules. When the entire set is completed, the indices will be split.

I have tried to maintain the flavor of the original index. This index has proven to have quite a number of errors, omissions, etc. Trains listed in the index but with no schedule page have been removed from the index (commented out, actually, in the HTML code). The many trains not in the index, but with a schedule, have been added to each index, maintaining the correct sorting order. Other corrections were made, such as the terminal cities of some trains.

A total of 419 trains are cataloged.

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