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BOWIE, Bowie, Md. (Washington D.C. area)
Moved outside wye, in process of preservation.
?name, Harrington, Del.
J / LEMO, Strasburg, Pa.
Formerly sat at the diamond crossing of the Cumberland Valley Branch and the Northern Central/Low Grade, in Lemoyne, Pa., across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg. US&S machine removed and replaced with strong-arm levers from Brill tower in southwest Philadelphia. Lancaster Chapter, NRHS.
HARRIS, Harrisburg, Pa.
Foot of State St. Bridge, Harrisburg. US&S machine; model board in the process of restoration. Harrisburg Chapter, NRHS.
HUNT, Huntingdon, Pa.
Downtown Huntingdon just west of passenger platform ("station").
MO , Cresson, Pa.
MO was to have been preserved, but unfortunately was not structurally sound enough for this.
MV, Ravenna, Pa.
(RAVE on Conrail), MP 85.7 on C&P (now NS Cleveland Line). Built Jan. 1921, closed March 1995. Owned by the Northeast Ohio Railroad Historical Society (formerly the Ravenna Railroad Historical Society). Address: P.O. Box 401, Kent, Ohio 44240.
ORR , Orrville, O.
At passenger station. Site of former crossing of former Pgh. Ft. Wayne & Chicago with former Cleveland, Mt. Vernon & Delaware.
_, Dunkirk, O.
In use by CSX MoW forces.
_, Warwick, O.
AC, Marion, O.
??name, Vandalia, Ill.
Crossing of PRR and Illinois Central. Standing, boarded up, stairs off.

Standing, Not Preserved

EYE, Corry, Pa.
Many on Amtrak, please email me with specifics, have not checked recently.

Other Structures, Roundhouses, etc.

Northeast Corridor

Wilmington, Del.
Coaling tower, Edge Moor Yd.

Cumberland Valley

Chambersburg, Pa.
Ca. 1919 roundhouse extension: Grant St., directly east of freight office. Four stalls, added to 1890ís semi-circular roundhouse to accommodate larger, H6 series Consolidations. Now home to produce market.

Ca. 1890ís metal shop and machine shop, 1918 erecting shop:100 yards north of roundhouse. In use as storage space for food processing company.

Main Line--Harrisburg to Buffalo
Renovo, Pa.
Locomotive/car shops, in use by RR car restoration business.

Ebenezer, N.Y.
Roundhouse, coaling wharf. Now owned by company doing rail car repair. [Don Macaluso]

Olean, N.Y.
Ten stalls (of original __) of the roundhouse and backshop buildings are standing, the latter with the overhead crane still in place. Now part of Dresser-Rand manufacturing complex. [John Redden]

Ebenezer/West Seneca, N.Y.
Twelve-bay roundhouse with turntable, run-through building, overhead crane, coal chutes, and water tower. Crew building was leveled, but the concrete dock and foundation are still extant. Now used by a railcar repair shop. [Ron Ball]

Main Line--Harrisburg to Buffalo
?town, north of Redbank Creek
Coaling wharf

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago

Crestline, O.
Roundhouse, severely neglected but standing.

Youngstown Branch and area

Girard, O.
Coaling wharf
Ashtabula, O.
Roundhouse: at Hearcules Steel on W. 29th St. (which goes under the West Ave. viaduct). [Paul Stumpff]

Sandusky Branch

Marion, O. (north of)
Coaling wharf, north of Marion and south of Ohio 23, spanning the main tracks. [Ron Widman]

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Cabin Cars (cabooses to the PRR-challenged)

Passenger Cars

Freight Cars

#105808, Scranton, Pa.
X26e boxcar, Steamtown National Historical Site
#109760, Scranton, Pa.
X26e boxcar, Steamtown National Historical Site
#......, Strasburg, Pa.
flatcar, outside RR Museum of Pa.
#......, Industry, N.Y.
Rochester Refrigeration RPO, Genessee Valley Railroad Museum.
......, Greenville, O.
At depot, with NYC caboose and NH boxcar
......, New London, O.
Rt. 60 at tracks, with CNJ caboose.

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