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I am indebted to a great many people in the creation of this page. Each either volunteered additional information, or set me straight on some point or another.

Passenger Trains


Long Island City -- Washington, DC
many NEC trains
Philadelphia -- Harrisburg
several trains daily
Harrisburg -- Pittsburgh
Pennsylvanian, Three Rivers
Pittsburgh -- Alliance -- Cleveland
Capitol Limited
Hammond-Whiting -- Chicago
Capitol Limited, Lake Shore Limited, International, Michigan trains

Commuter Rail

Philadelphia Area (SEPTA)
Trenton Local (Northeast Corridor)
Wilmington Local (Northeast Corridor) (?some trains to Newark)
West Chester Branch (only to Media-Elwyn)
Paoli, Parkesburg Locals
Chestnut Hill [West] Local
New York Area (NJT)
Northeast Corridor routes
North Jersey Coast Line (was jointly operated with CNJ)
PATH (fmr. Hudson & Manhattan; fmr. line to Exchange Place Sta.)
LIRR trains (if you want to stretch the definition some)
Baltimore/Washington Area (MARC)
Penn Line, Perryville--Baltimore--Washington

Tourist Lines

Black River & Western

PRR Flemington Br., Flemington--Lambertville, N.J., in addition to some CNJ trackage beyond Flemington and some Belvidere-Delaware Br. trackage (PRR).

Winchester? & Western, Delaware

Delaware, 1996.06.29, Photographer's Special Night Photo Train

West Shore RR

White Deer, Pa. Operates portions of the Selinsgrove Secondary.

Northern Central Railway

Designated operator of ex-PRR Northern Central line between New Freedom and York, Pa. Operates Liberty Limited dinner train and excursion trains over this route. See web site at http://classicrail.com/ncry/.

Walkersville Southern

Walkersville to Frederick, Md. operated; occasional passenger excursions on northern segment [Jack Deasy ]

Laurel Highlands Railroad

P.O. Box 70, Balpare, Ohio 45714, Attn: John Buckwalter
After May: ?, Scottdale, Pa.
West Penn Power Co. 0-4-0 tank engine #2. Modified to 2-4-0, renumbered #7.
PRR branch on Saturdays, 1100, 1300, 1500 BUT MAY VARY.
Former Southwest Branch: Scottdale--Alverton--Tarrs--New Stanton--Youngwood.
Psgr svc discontinued: 1952.
B&O trackage also. From: Robert Heavenrich <75672.1474@compuserve.com>

Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad

Beautiful foliage. The gift shop at the end of the line had a PRR cabin car stove in it. [Jerry Shickler]

Ohio Central Railroad

See the recently sent email.


Schuylkill Branch

, Reading area, Hamburg area, ??length
Now known as the Thun Trail, part of the Schuylkill River greenway project. The trail proper runs from Pa. 10 southeast over 2 bridges across the river and 1 across the CR Harrisburg line at CP Cumru / CP Titus (just north of the GPU power plant). It currently ends where the RoW aligned with the RDG single track to Birdsboro. They are planning further extensions. The Schuylkill branch from Reading to Hamburg is the Schuylkill division of the RBMN. North of Hamburg the RoW is generally used as a hiking trail. There are several locations where one can get a good view of the paralleling RBMN ex-RDG main. Generally, once you get to Schuylkill Haven the RoW is gone and most of the bridges have been removed in recent years. [Jim Nowotarski]

Cumberland Valley Branch

, approx. 22 miles
Shippensburg--Newville--Carlisle rumored to be in final stages of property transfer.

Petersburg Br.

, 11 miles
Alexandria--Williamsburg, Pa. (between Huntingdon and Hollidaysburg). More may be added soon. Abandoned 1979, purchased 1990.

Black Lick Branch

, 12 miles
Nanty Glo -- Dilltown, Pa., with an additional 4 miles of Cambria & Indiana from Vintondale north. Possibly to be expanded given recent abandonments. Original Black Lick Br. ran from Ebensburg to Black Lick.

Southwest Secondary

"5 Star Trail" runs alongside still-active Southwest Secondary Track, south of Greensburg, Pa.

The ROW from Ashtabula [Sanborn Rd] to Warren, Ohio is under plan to be made into a rail-trail; although parts are used now unofficially, it is not developed. The commission is trying to find another routing from Sanborn Road to Harbor because following ROW would not be safe in several aspects. [Paul Stumpff]

Main Line (PCC&St.L)

, London -- Xenia -- CLEMENT Tower, Dayton, O.
In planning stages.

Main Line Columbus Div. (PCC&St.L)

, freight line, Piqua -- Covington, O.
In planning.

Zanesville Branch

, Circleville -- Wilmington, O.
In planning.

Xenia, O. area

, 72 miles
Final design of XENIA tower replica being finished, to be visitor's center for a bike trail hub on the site of the Panhandle's Xenia station and yards. All five rail lines that met at or within a quarter mile of Xenia Tower are being preserved as rails-to-trails projects.

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