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I am indebted to a great many people in the creation of this page. Each either volunteered additional information, or set me straight on some point or another.

All equipment is ex-PRR and in PRR paint schemes unless otherwise noted.

Steam Locomotives

List of preserved PRR steam locomotives
#?, Dennison, O.
A? 0-4-0 tank engine, at Dennison railroad museum. (heritage?)
B4a #643, Williams Grove, Pa. [west of Harrisburg]
B4a 0-6-0, OPERATIONAL, Willams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association
#?, Hockessin, Del.
#60?, B6sa 0-6-0 (with G5 tender), Historic Red Clay Valley.
#1223, Strasburg, Pa.
D16sb American 4-4-0, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
#460, Strasburg, Pa.
E6s Atlantic 4-4-2, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
#7002, Strasburg, Pa.
E7s Atlantic 4-4-2 (former #8063), Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
#7688, Strasburg, Pa.
H10s Consolidation 2-8-0, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
#4483, Hamburg, N.Y.
I1sa Decapod 2-10-0, Western New York Railway Historical Society. Sitting behind Hamburg (N.Y.) Hobby Shop, itself a former B&O freight station; formerly was at Westinghouse plant in Wilmerding/East Pittsburgh).
#3750, Strasburg, Pa.
K4s Pacific 4-6-2, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
#1361, Altoona, Pa.
K4s Pacific 4-6-2, Railroaders' Memorial Museum
#520, Strasburg, Pa.
L1s Mikado 2-8-2, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
#6755, Strasburg, Pa.
M1b Mountain 4-8-2, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
#????, Indianapolis, Ind.
(reported) 0-10-0 Reuben Wells camelback, basement of Indianapolis Children's Museum. Built for the JM&I RR [Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis], placed in service around WW I, refurbished at Altoona prior to donation. [Doug Walker]

Electric Locomotives

4700, Strasburg, Pa.
B-1 switcher
???, Strasburg, Pa.
DD-1 (?pair)
4700, St. Louis
P-5, ?, Museum of Transportation, unrestored
4917, Cooperstown Jct., N.Y.
GG1, black, Leatherstocking Rwy. Mus.
4933, Syracuse, N.Y.
GG1, Brunswick Green 1, Central N.Y. Chap. NRHS, Syracuse Fairgrounds
4877, Hoboken, N.J.
GG1, Tuscan Red 5, New Jersey Transit, Hoboken psgr. sta.
4872, ?location, N.J.
GG1, black, New Jersey Transit, ?owner
4879, Richfield Park, N.J.
GG1, black, Pub. Srv. Elec. & Gas Co.
4859, Harrisburg, Pa.
GG1, Brunswick Green 5, Harrisburg Chap. NRHS, PRR Station
GG1, (extant?)
4876, Baltimore, Md.
GG1, black, B&O Museum, in storage ?to be traded
4918, Washington, D.C.
GG1, Brunswick Green 5, Smithsonian Institute, in storage
4800, Strasburg, Pa.
GG1, Brunswick Green 5, Lanc. Chap. NRHS, RR Mus. of Pa.
4935, Strasburg, Pa.
GG1, Brunswick Green 5, RR Mus. of Pennsylvania
4465 (AMTK 502), Strasburg, Pa.
E44, Amtrak Silver/Black, RR Mus. of Pa.; last E44 built
4913, Altoona, Pa.
GG1, Tuscan Red 5, Railroaders Memorial Mus.
4919, Roanoke, Va.
GG1, Brunswick Green 5, Roanoke Chap. NRHS, Va. Mus. of Transportation
Another photo
4882, Elkhart, Ind.
GG1, PC black, National NYC RR Museum, Elkhart, Ind. Previously NJT.
4927, Union, Ill.
GG1, stripped for painting, Illinois Rwy. Mus.
4916, St. Louis, Mo.
GG1, Brunswick Green 5, Natl. Mus. of Transport. [Engine number corrected by Richard Wainscott.]
4903, Dallas, Tex.
GG1, Brunswick Green, single stripe, Age of Steam Railroad Museum. Received from Elkhart Ind. in Amtrak silver/red/blue and numbered #4906. Previously AMTK #906, PC #4906, PRR #4903.
4890, Green Bay, Wis.
GG1, Brunswick Green 1, National RR Mus.

Diesel Locomotives

????, Sumiton, Alabama
E8. Five stripe, gutten interior, being used as a wedding chapel. Along highway 78, with passenger cars and caboose.
#5569, Industry, N.Y.
RS3m, Rochester & Genessee Valley Railroad Museum, painted as LV 211.
#5888, Covington [Latonia], Ky.
E8A, Amtrak 295 and 456, in primer. Portholes needed to complete. Permanent collection, Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati.
#8604, Parrish, Fla.
Alco RS-3, Florida Gulf Coast Museum
#8445, Industry, N.Y.
Alco-GE RS3m, ex-5569, ex-LV 211.
#9251, York, Pa.
#9408, Covington [Latonia], Ky.
SW1, restored. Permanent collection, Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati, interior on museum tour. HELP: the history and number of this locoomitive are elusive, can you help? [Exec. V.P. -- Operations]
#9356, Dallas, Tex.
GE 44-tonner (last one purchased by PRR), owned by John L. Radovich [J. Radovich]. Built 1949 (as #30245), operational.

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Cabin Cars (cabooses to the PRR-challenged)

Passenger Cars

Freight Cars

#105808, Scranton, Pa.
X26e boxcar, Steamtown National Historical Site
#109760, Scranton, Pa.
X26e boxcar, Steamtown National Historical Site
#......, Strasburg, Pa.
flatcar, outside RR Museum of Pa.
#......, Industry, N.Y.
Rochester Refrigeration RPO, Genessee Valley Railroad Museum.
......, Greenville, O.
At depot, with NYC caboose and NH boxcar
......, New London, O.
Rt. 60 at tracks, with CNJ caboose.

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