A PRR Home Page: Railfanning Acknowledgements


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Tom Gears tgears@dca.net
for several items of DelMarVa info, a site with some PRR items, and trip info.
J. Richard Rowlands blastfce3@aol.com
for Mahoning Valley RR.H.A. items.
Wes Barris wesb@msc.edu
for steam loco info.
Andrew Shoemaker andrew.shoemaker@perspex.com
for GG-1 4919 info.
Cdr. Jack Deasy jhdeasy@tmn.com
for passenger car info, incl. 8451 via RAILROAD, 8020, much on 120, plus many more.
Gene Fusco genef@strauss.co.symbios.com
for electric locos information
Maj. Vagel Keller vagelk@aol.com
for CVRR and NCRy station info; cabin car information; more cabin car info.
Hank Mummert Jr. bubbles@visi.net
for Northern Central station and equipment information; also for Hazelton info.
Jack Deasy jhdeasdy@tmn.com
for PRR 8451 info, via RAILROAD.
Patrick James Rieger patrick@alycia.dementia.org
for passenger station info and info on the SW1 in Latonia, Ky.
Robert Markowitz rmarkowi@bodie.littondsd.com
for Pacific RR Soc. info.
Walter Gosciminski waltgosh@postoffice.ptd.net
for info on Catawissa preservation efforts.
Chris Hash rwainscott@macromedia.com
for Dallas Tex. equipment info.; for clarification of GG1 and pass. car info.
James W. Lilly dcnrhs@us.net
for Dover Harbor information.
David Palamino palamino@searnet.com
for Covington, Ky. cars information.
John Remy jfremy@sprynet.com
for confirmation of Dennison, O. information.
Peter S. Shults psshults@sota-oh.com
for Dennison, Ohio info.
Rick Rowlands TodEngine@aol.com
for extensive Ohio info.
Gary Berkheiser berkheis@eng.kns.com
for Flemington N.J. area information. And shame on me for not remembering this one.
Mike Sheliga msheliga@bach.helios.nd.edu
for station info in NW Ind. and SW Pa.
Donald Harper harperd@tamug.tamu.edu
for various info, including Burgettstown station; also _Martin W. Clement_ info
Jason Johnson casey@tusco.net
for "inside" :-) Dennison PRR museum information.
Roger Kirkpatrick kirkpatr@mcnet.marietta.edu
for cabin car updates and corrections
Andy Miller asmiller@mail11.mitre.org
for Senator pass. car info.
Jerry Jordak
for Kentucky info.
Tom Vondruska
for cabin car info (2nd-hand).
Chuck Winegardner
for Converse, Ind. station info.
Dick Ross
for museum & link info.
Nancy J Morris RN
for info on Mountain View and Adler Falls
Bruce L. Hullihen
for info on NW Pa. stations, towers, etc..
Jim McAllister
for info on Northumberland caboose
Jerry Shickler
Phil Furrow
for Ohio Railway Museum info
Steve Raith
for New Castle information
for Railway Exposition Company information
Mark Lehman
for Portage-area information
Dick Bregler
for LA-area information
Don Grant
for Newtown Sq. info

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