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I am indebted to a great many people in the creation of this page. Each either volunteered additional information, or set me straight on some point or another. My greatest debt is to Roger Kirkpatrick, keeper of the most extensive list of preserved cabooses of all railroads, for allowing me to excerpt PRR material from his list. Roger continues to keep this list updated -- in fact, the great majority of this page is really his work.

City Caboose # Location and Additional Information
Philadelphia PRR ?477180 N5. Neighborhood Garden at 18th & Glenwood Sts.
Philadelphia PRR 477863 Juniata Terminal Shops, visible from Amtrak Northeast Corridor tracks.
Bristol PRR 477545 N5. SEPTA Ticket Office, Bristol Station
Wycombe PRR 477641 PC/CR 22899, built 5/41, near New Hope & Ivyland (ex-Reading) depot
Valley Forge PRR? Home, LOCATION?
Thorndale PRR 477615 N5, 7/1917. Ice Cream Junction, Bus. Rt. 30, POB 113, FOR SALE
Reading PRR 91407 ?correct.
Topton (?Kutztown) PRR 477130 N5. East Penn Railway.
Topton PRR 478881 as East Penn Railway?, Buck Moyer, owner.
Jim Thorpe PRR 477854 N5c, yellow cupola [denoting east-west pool service]. Jim Hicks, owner
Jim Thorpe PRR 478078 N8. numbers blanked out.
Minersville PRR near Reading Depot
Catawissa PRR 478144 N8. At Catawissa train station. Now repainted from CR #23378. See also one and two.
South Central
Ephrata 478030 N8. Became PC 23210, near depot
Ephrata ?? 3 N5c-s, Doll Hose Express. 46173R, no other numbers.
Strasburg PRR 476087 ND. Restored from Strasburg 10, wood, cupola, 4 wheel, Strasburg RR, 717-687-7522
Strasburg PRR 477947 N5c. Original number unknown. Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Box 15, 17579, 717-687-8628
Strasburg PRR 478396 4-wheel, Altoona Shops ca. 1913.
Strasburg PRR 492015 4-wheel, Altoona Shops ca. 1910.
Strasburg PRR N5c. As Conrail, Unit 25-E, Red Caboose Motel, Box 102, 17579, 717-687-6646
Strasburg PRR N5c. Lionel Lines 9239, Unit 29-F, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR 477398? N5. Unit 9-S, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. Southern placard, Unit 4F, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. N&W placard, Unit 33-S, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. as New Haven, Unit 6-S, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. Strasburg placard, Unit 5-S, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. Northern Pacific placard, Unit 3-F, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. Union Pacific placard, Unit 7-F, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. as Wabash, Unit 32-S, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. ATSF placard, Unit 1-F, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. no steps, Great Northern placard, Unit 23-E, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. Arcade, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. Missouri Pacific placard, Unit 2-F, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. as D&RGW, Unit 10-S, Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg PRR ? N5. to be D&H, Units 8N & 8S, Red Caboose Motel
Landisville PRR 477080 Then CR 20060. N-5b, Landisville Railroad
Lickdale PRR N6b. Southeast of I-81, near Rt 72 exit
Harrisburg PRR N5c. West Hanover Township Park, US 22, east of town
Harrisburg PRR 492883/980616 Wooden, within Harrisburg Station. [980616 = MoW number?]
Lemoyne PRR 477046 N5. Storage Depot, 350 South 7th Street, 717-761-1991
Duncannon PRR 477846 N5c. Susquenita Middle School, 1725 Schoolhouse Road, 717-834-6377
New Freedom CR 23298 Ex PRR 478160. N8. York County Rail/Trail Authority. Image courtesy of Bill ___
New Freedom PRR 477707 Then CR 20043. N-5B, built 8/41. Al Smith. (or YCR/TA?) Image courtesy of Bill ___
Stewartstown PRR 478173 ex-CR 23259, George Pitz, Stewartstown Railroad, POB 155, 17363, 717-993-2936
Williams Grove PRR 980894 N6b. Williams Grove Park, at rear entrance.
New Oxford PRR 476582 ND. On display by Depot, US 30, ex-Strasburg 11?
Gettysburg PRR N6b. Gettysburg RR, lettered "Gettysburg". to Knox Kane & Kinzua?
Gettysburg PRR N6b. Offset cupola. Gettysburg RR. to KK&K?
Chambersburg PRR 477045 N5, built 4/16. Cumberland Valley RR Yard, off Grant St. (downtown), behind roundhouse. Cumberland Valley Chap. NRHS.
Chambersburg PRR 477951 N5c. Visitors Center, US-30 just east of I-81.
North Central
Northumberland PRR 478044 restored, in front of North Shore RR offices
Northumberland PRR 476052 (prev. in Tyrone)
Lewisburg PRR 477871 West Shore Rail Excursions, Delta Place Station, Rt 15, 2 miles north of town
Orbisonia CR 19137 ex-PRR 477138?, to be bunkhouse, Rockhill Trolley Museum, POB 203, 17249, 717-436-6403
Altoona PRR 477577 N5. Ex-CR 19031?, Railroaders Memorial Museum, with other equipment
Altoona PRR 477813 N5b. Railroaders Memorial Museum.
Eldorado PRR 477802 ex-RDG?; as N5, 4/42. Benzel's Pretzel Outlet Store, W side 6th Ave. (Pa. 764) at 53rd St. Interior display with "conductor" waving at you.
Gallitzin PRR 477852 N5c. Tunnels Park, Jackson St, 1 block S of Church St [near double tunnels].
Mill Hall PRR ? N5c. As CR ?, Old Train Station Restaurant
South Fork PRR W of Rt. 219, 1st rd N, near feed mill, information from Robert Hubler
Export PRR N5. Turtle Creek Industrial RR, near Export Tire, Kennedy Ave.
Summerhill PRR? on hill, east of Rt 219, NE of Johnstown
Derry PRR 23115 N5c. Ex-PC 23115, PRR 477829, built 3/42, Railroader Heritage Park, E side of tracks, just N of overpass.
Trafford PRR 492063/5? wood, 4 wheel, Chelsa Distributing, Trafford Commerce Center, going to Strasburg?
Pecan PRR ? N5. Vision Quest, Rt 8
East Emporium PRR 477849 N5c. LOCATION?
Kinzua PRR 477768? N5. As CR 22966?, for rent
Erie PRR 477339 Then PC 19172, CR 46141. Car Lot, Pittsburgh Ave. at ex-NKP tracks
Erie PRR 980854 wood, FOR SALE, Teri at 814-927-6620
Mahoningtown PRR 478034 N8. Industrial Road, south end. Jack B. Zines, owner. From Minerva, Ohio.
New Castle PRR ? N5c. Beaver Valley Junction Chapter, NRHS, owner. Resides on museum site.
Titusville PRR 477638 ex-CR 20040, ex-OC&T 2, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot, 814-827-6597
Titusville PRR 477656 N5b. As OVHX 1014, ex-PC/CR 22824, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville PRR 478050 N8. As OVHX 1010, ex-PC/CR 23307, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Elk City PRR 477581 ex-PC 22799, ex-CR 20002, Buck Horn Rd., S of Rt 208, with boxcar and speeder
?area of state
Pocopson PRR 478076 N8. ex-PRR/CR 23335, Ace Hardware.
Pocopson PRR 478137 Then CR 23204. N8, 5/51. Ace Hardware.
West Point PRR N5. as Reading, near Colorcon Co., 415 Moyer Boulevard
Clarks Mills PRR wood, Rt 1011, 2+ miles west off Lake Wilhelm Road
Miola PRR? cupola, no trucks, Hunting Cabin, Cooks Forest Road, left .8 miles at Stone Church
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Manheim CR ? ex-PRR?, Reading Station with other cars, Manheim Historical Society, 717-664-348
Renovo CR ? still a dozen cars for sale?
Pecan PC 15257? (or 19257?) N5, Vision Quest, Rt 8
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1000, Casey's Caboose Stop Motelsey's Caboose Stop Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot, 814-827-6597
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1001, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1002, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1003, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1004, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1005, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1006, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1007, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1008, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
Titusville CR ? as OVHX 1009, Casey's Caboose Stop Motel
New Hampshire
Gorham PRR 477954 as CN, ex-CR 23019, Gorham Historical Society
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
South Boston PRR 477309
Hyannis PRR 477770 Then CR 22858. ex-PRR/PC, Cape Cod Railroad Yard
North Falmouth CR 19210 Class N5, ex-PRR/PC, Silver Lounge Restaurant, Rt 28A & Winslow Road
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Allston CR ? ex-PC, steel, Sports Depot (restaurant), B&A Depot
Quincy CR ? Four Railroad Properties?, LOCATION?
Lee CR ? no markings, Sullivan Station Restaurant
Rhode Island
Newport PRR steel, built 1938, Old Colony & Newport Scenic Railway, 19 America's Cup Av., 401-849-0546
Danbury PRR 477099 N5, 1916. Ex-PC 19123, Danbury Railway Museum, from Yorktown Heights, NY
New Jersey
?North Brunswick PRR 478131 N8. East side of US 130, between Dayton or Forsgate and US 1
New Foundland PRR ? Morris County Central
Ringoes PRR 477375 N7b. Black River & Western Railroad
Winslow PRR ? as Amtrak, built 4/19, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard
Vineland PRR 478038 N8. Ex-CR 23385, LOCATION?
Rio Grande PRR 477662 N5b. Cape May Seashore Lines
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Rio Grande AMTK 14034 (correct #?) transfer, Class N-11, Cape May Seashore Lines
Wilmington PRR 478064 N8, 5/51. Ex-CR 23359, Wilmington & Western RR, 4 mi. SW. Ed Feathers, owner
Felton PRR ? N8. Paskey Farm, Box 673A, Main Street, with PC boxcar.
Lewes PRR ? N5. as Delaware Coast Line RR 1000, Maryland & Delaware RR, 730 King's Hwy, 302-644-1720
Wyoming PRR ? N8. what is address?
Harrington PRSL ? Then CR 18517.
Harrington PRR 477197 N5. Ex-PC 19113, Railroad Park, with block tower.
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Roxana CR ? Conrail employee, LOCATION?
Roxana CR ? Conrail employee, LOCATION?
Greensboro PRR 477532 no markings, ex-PC 22982, ex-CR 20062, Chesapeake RR, John Meise, owner
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Deer Park PRR? WM? 4 wheel, private, LOCATION?
New York
Arkville PRR ? N5. Delaware & Ulster RR, Rt 28, 607-652-2821
Central Square ?PRR ? ?, ?PRR, as CR.
Port Jervis PRR ? N5. as ERIE C143, steel, built 6/41, Jersey Ave. at Penn Ave.
Campbell Hall CR ? Conrail Office, Lewis Street, near Middletown. NY
Maybrook CR 22834 Museum, address
Utica PRR 477594 N5e, ?.
Utica CR 20076 ?, ex-PC 22983/19573, ex-PRR 477594, Children's Museum, Bagg's Square District, 315-724-6128 (are both entries the same car?)
Rochester PRR 477822 N5c, 9/42. Ex-PC 23145, ex-CR 23145. Formerly in Pocopson, Pa. Third N5c built, oldest in existence. [Ken McCorry]
Gowanda PRR 477418 Then CR 19237. ex-PRR, ex-PC, New York & Lake Erie Railroad, 50 Commercial Street, 14070, 716-532-5242
Phoenicia PRR ? ?, Empire State RR Museum, wood 4-wheel, 914-688-7501.
Hamburg PRR 477220 Then CR 19190R. N5. Buffalo Southern Railroad
Avoca? PRR ? wood, cupola, Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415, 14809, 607-566-2216
Avoca PRR 477430 Then CR 19060. Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415, 14809, 607-566-2216
Avoca PRR 477809 Then CR 22807. Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415
Salamanca PRR 477575 as CR 46162, ex-PC 19413. Information Center, across from McDonald's Rest., 735 Broad St.
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Avoca PRR ? ?, Goodrich Motel, wood.
Avoca CR 19095 Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415, 14809, 607-566-2216
Avoca CR 19138 Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415, 14809, 607-566-2216
Avoca PRR 477108 Then CR 22848. Goodrich Motel, Rt. 415
Avoca PRR? Avoca Diner, across from Goodrich Motel
Ada PRR 477777 N5b, 1941. Ex-CR. Depot, Central Ave.
Bedford PRR 478015 Then CR 23117. N5c, southeast of Cleveland, LOCATION?
Bradford PRR 477166 Y Yard Park, downtown
Cambridge PRR 477965 N5c. Dan Adair, ex-PC/CR 22047?, from Dennison, 12044 East Pike, 43725
Cambridge PRR 982131 Ex-PRR 477161?, floor & trucks only, US 40, 2 mi. E of I-77, from Ohio Rwy Mus., Columbus
Carlisle PRR 477231 ?, 10/23. As CR 46163R (MW), ex-PC 19326. Across from 453 Park Drive
Cedarville PRR 477725 as CR 22875, ex-PC 22875, 21 Miller Street, on NYC trucks
Cleveland PRR 477317 N5. As CR 19381R, ex-PC 19381, Chatfield Steel, 15401 Chatfield Ave.
Columbus PRR? steel transfer caboose, Northfork Saloon, 1034 Perry, as patio bar
Coshocton PRR 5014 N5. near Ohio Central Railroad Office, from Minerva, Ohio
Forest PRR 477901 N5c. as CR 23143, ex-PC, on abandoned interchange track. To go to Kenton, Ohio.
Germantown PRR 477554 N5. As CR 19130, ex-PC 19130, S. Mulberry St. at Jefferson St.
Germantown PRR 477516 N5. As CR 19145, ex-PC 19145, S. Mulberry St. at Jefferson St.
Grand Rapids PRR 477883 N5c. as CR 23149, ex-PC 23149, Toledo, Lake Erie & Western RR
Jefferson PRR? Jefferson Depot, NYC trucks
Logan PRR 477842 Then CR 23158. N5c, Indiana & Ohio Railroad Yard
Malvern PRR 477918 Then CR 23088. ex-PC 23088, North Reed Avenue at Canal (Rt 183), from Pekin, Ohio
Minerva PRR 478033 as CR 23365, ex-PC 23365, Steam Railroad Mus., Ohi-Rail Yard, Arbor Road, GONE??
North Lima CR 11788? Class N8, as 11788, ex-PC, ex-PRR?, True Value Hardware, Rt 7, with 2 boxcars
Olmstead Falls PRR 478167? as PRR 478062, ex-CR,PC 23252, Depot, CV & WS Model RR Club, 25802 Garfield Ave.
Orrville? PRR 478888 Then PC 19358, CR 19358R. N5. Sold to Canton Jeweler, gone.
Orrville PRR 477990 Then CR 23029. N5c. In downtown yard with OHRC stuff, 415 East Pine St.
Orrville PRR 477828 ex-CR 23068?, Union (PRR) Depot
Orrville PRR Dabo Industries, with other equipment, southwest of town - FOR SALE?
S. Charleston PRR 477943 N5c. as CR 23137, ex-PC 23137, Colonial Stair & Window Co., Huntington Road, 614-426-6326
S. Charleston PRR 477920 N5c. as CR 23044, ex-PC 23044, east end of Landmark storage tracks
Stelvideo PRR 478182 Then PC 4715, ex-PC 23390, CR 23390. Horatio-Harris Creek Road
Steubenville PRR 477758 N5b, 1947. As CR 22811, ex-PC 22811, New Marina.
Steubenville PRR 477706 N5c, 2/41. As PRR 22841, Information Center, Rt 7 & Washington
Trotwood PRR 477970 N5c. Ex-PC 23006, ex-CR 23006, Depot, with B&O C3004
Urbana PRR ? NX23?. Wood, no trucks, W. Court St., behind Gates Bros. Glass, poor condition
Van Wert PRR 478194 N8. Van Wert County Historical Museum, 602 North Washington, US 127
Waterville PRR 477600 Then PC 19189, CR 19189. Toledo, Lake Erie & Western Railroad
Wellsville PRR 478202 ex-CR 23310, River Museum
Youngstown? PRR 478012 N5c. ex-CR 23117, Mahoning Valley Railroad Heritage Association, Youngstown Sheet & Tube
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Mechanicstown CR 22797 as Ohi-Rail 22797, Tom Barnett, 6200 Salineville Road, NE, 44651, 216-738-6735
Mineral Ridge CR ? 3311? Ohltown Road/OH Rt 46
Galesburg PRR Dr. James Smith, cupola, wood, built 1904, 616-381-5509, ex-Hybel Produce
Saginaw PRR as CR, N5c, Dr. Jan Gromada, ex-PM Roundhouse, Bluewater Chapter, NRHS
Three Rivers PRR ? N5. Frankie's Bar, US Bus Rt 131
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Ann Arbor CR ? Pleasant Lake Road, south of town
Lapeer CR ? Amtrak Station
Anderson PRR ? ex-CR 22890?, Military Museum, 2300 Crystal Street, FOR SALE
Avilla PRR ? steel, Ind. Rt. 3, from Kendallville, Indiana
Connersville PRR 478020 N8. as CR 23396, ex-PC 4720, ex-PC 23396, Whitewater Valley Railroad, 317-825-2054
Deep River PRR ? South County Nursery Center, 7 miles west on US 30
Frankfort PRR 477073 ex-PC 19027, as NKP, Quality Used Cars, LOCATION?
Lapel PRR ? NX-23, built from Class X-23 boxcar, behind Nancy's Grocery Store.
Munster PRR ? as X-RAIL XRSX 004, near LTV Steel; reported sold as of 1999.12.04, new owner unknown [R Kertis]
Shipshewana PRR 478398? N8?. Ex-PC 19389, Depot, no markings.
Terre Haute PRR ? N6B?. Park.
Union PRR 476199 4-wheel wooden. Illinois Railway Museum, Olson Road, POB 427, Union, 60180, 815-923-4391.
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
St. Albans PRR 477643 Then CR 20029. N-5B, LOCATION?
Conrail/Penn Central cabooses, possibly PRR
Leesburg CR ? Restaurant, LOCATION?

Caveat Regardor,
Cabooses in Cabin Cars' Clothing:

City Caboose # Location and Additional Information
Fort Wayne GTW/MNS? as PRR, Wells Street Crossing, 1 Soo truck & 1 MStP&SSMRR truck
Sharonville SOU X3111 as PRR 980765, near former Victoria? Station, west of I-75, north of Sharon Road; in field where station was/is (?)
Gluckstadt PRR ? reportedly ex-PRR, sold to IC, with IC Depot and other cars

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