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Prefix Number Name Date(s) Form Coll. of
Description of use; Notes
Form 1 "System" -- actually, through east-west service and locals west of Pittsburgh RDC
(survived to Penn Central; info dispersed among various PC forms)
Form 2 Harrisburg-Williamsport, Pa.-Canandaigua, N.Y., Shamokin Branch/Lykens Valley RDC
Form 2 Pittsburgh-Steubenville, Ohio/Wheeling, W.Va. RDC
Form 2 Condensed system timetable RDC
(survived to PC; discontinued)
Form 3 Philadelphia-all points in South Jersey RDC
(became Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines Form 3 upon formation of PRSL in 1933; survived to Conrail)
Form 4 Condensed through east-west service RDC
Form 5 New York-Philadelphia condensed (-> PC Form 5) RDC
Form 6 Chicago-Valparaiso, Ind. locals (-> PC Form 6) RDC
Form 7 Chicago-Fort Wayne, Ind. RDC
Form 7 New York-Richmond, Va. RDC
(survived to PC; discontinued)
Form 8 New York-Waverly, N.J. (1890s) RDC
Form 8 Princeton-Princeton Junction, N.J. RDC
Form 9 Cincinnati-Lebanon-Dayton, Ohio RDC
Form 9 Pottsville-Wilkes-Barre, Sunbury-Wilkes-Barre, Sunbury-Bellefonte RDC
Form 9 Philadelphia-Paoli-Frazer-West Chester RDC
Form 10 Philadelphia-East Millstone, N.J. (1870s) RDC
Form 10 New York-West (1880s) RDC
Form 10 Indianapolis-St. Louis RDC
Form 10 Philadelphia (Suburban Station-30th Street Station) RDC
Form 11 Philadelphia-Glassboro-Bridgeton, N.J. RDC
Form 11 Philadelphia-Hazleton-Wilkes-Barre, Pa. RDC
Form 12 New York-Philadelphia complete (-> PC Form 12) RDC
Form 13 Philadelphia (Suburban Station-52nd Street) RDC
Form 14 Baltimore-Washington condensed RDC
(became TDI -- with paid ads -- Form 14, then back to PC Form 14)
Form 15 Philadelphia-Washington (-> PC Form 15) RDC
Form 16 Harrisburg-Buffalo/Canandaigua, N.Y./Erie, Pa. (-> PC Form 16) RDC
Form 17 Pittsburgh-Cleveland, Pittsburgh-Erie, Pa. RDC
Form 18 Buffalo/Rochester, N.Y., to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington RDC
Form 19 Boston to South and West (Richmond, Va.; Chicago/St, Louis) RDC
Form 20 Maurice River (N.J.) branch 20 Philadelphia-Ocean City, N.J. RDC
Form 20 New York-Newark, N.J. RDC
Form 21 Cincinnati-Xenia/Columbus/Hamilton/Zanesville/Trinway, Ohio RDC
Form 22 Philadelphia-Chestnut Hill-White Marsh, Pa. RDC
(later, Phila.-Chestnut Hill; -> PC Form 22)
Form 23 Philadelphia-Trenton/Phillipsburg, N.J., Easton/Scranton, Pa., Binghamton, N.Y. RDC
Form 24 Cresson (Pa.) Division branches RDC
Form 25 Detroit-Toledo-Pittsburgh RDC
Form 25 Philadelphia-Levittown, Pa. (-> PC Form 25) RDC
Form 26 Philadelphia-Salem/Elmer/Quinton,N.J. RDC
Form 26 PRSL Philadelphia-Atlantic City, N.J. condensed RDC
Form 27 Philadelphia-Reading-Pottsville RDC
(later, Phila.-Norristown, Pa., then Manayunk, Pa.; -> PC Form 27)
Form 28 New York-Newark-Trenton, N.J. condensed RDC
Form 29 Philadelphia-Trenton, N.J. condensed RDC
Form 30 Philadelphia-South Amboy, N.J. RDC
(later, Phila./Camden-Bordentown-Trenton; survived to become PC Form 30)
Form 31 Philadelphia-Long Branch, N.J. RDC
Form 32 Philadelphia-Long Branch, Camden-Pemberton, N.J. RDC
Form 33 Pennsgrove (N.J.) Branch (later, PRSL Form 33) RDC
Form 34 New York-Atlantic City, N.J. RDC
Form 35 Baltimore-Washington; later, Washington-Baltimore-Harrisburg RDC
Form 36 New York-Norfolk, Va., via Delmarva Peninsula RDC
Form 37 Philadelphia-Octoraro, Pa. RDC
(later, Phila.-Media, Pa.; -> PC Forms 36, West Chester, and 37, Media.
Form 38 New York & Long Branch RDC
(survived to PC but became NY&LB Form LB-2)
Form 39 Harrisburg-York, Pa.-Baltimore RDC
Form 40 Philadelphia-Paoli-Downingtown, Pa. RDC
(later, Phila.-Paoli; -> PC Form 40)
Form 41 Philadelphia-Harrisburg (-> PC Form 41) RDC
Form 42 Lancaster/York, Pa.-Frederick, Md. RDC
Form 43 Harrisburg-Altoona, Pa. RDC
Form 44 New York-Trenton, N.J. RDC
Form 44 Johnstown, Pa., city timetable RDC
Form 45 Pittsburgh-Beaver Falls-New Castle, Pa. RDC
Form 46 Pittsburgh-Altoona, Pa. RDC
Form 46 Pittsburgh-Burgettstown, Pa.-Steubenville, Ohio RDC
Form 47 Pittsburgh-Blairsville, Pa. (Conemaugh Division) RDC
Form 47 Pittsburgh-Oil City, Pa.-Buffalo/Butler, Pa./Apollo, Pa./DuBois, Pa. RDC
(later, Pittsburgh-Schenley, Pa.)
Form 48 Pittsburgh-Trafford/North Trafford, Pa. RDC
(later, Pittsburgh-Derry, Pa.)
Form 49 Pittsburgh-Brownsville/Uniontown, Pa., Morgantown/Fairmont, W.Va. RDC
Form 49 Pittsburgh-East Liberty-Wilkinsburg-Edgewood, Pa. RDC
Form 50 Sleeper service New York-West RDC
Form 50-A Condensed Through car service from New York RDC
Form 50-P Condensed Through car service from Philadelphia RDC
Form 50-W Condensed Through car service from Baltimore-Washington RDC
Form 51 Principal east-west trains RDC
Form 52 Lewistown-Sunbury/Milroy, Pa. RDC
Form 53 Philadelphia/Camden/Pemberton, N.J.-Hightstown, N.J. RDC
Form 53 Philadelphia-Washington condensed RDC
Form 53 Cleveland-Akron, Ohio-Pittsburgh, Cleveland-Columbus RDC
(later, Cleveland-Youngstown, Ohio)
Form 54 Philadelphia-North Philadelphia (-> PC Form 54) RDC
Form 55 New York-Pittsburgh (-> PC Form 55) RDC
Form 56 New York-South (Florida, New Orleans; -> PC Form 56) RDC
Form 57 Indianapolis-Columbus, Ohio RDC
Form 58 Washington-Atlantic City, N.J. RDC
Form 59 Louisville-Chicago RDC
Form 60 Chicago/Cincinnati-Fort Wayne, Ind.-Kalamazoo/Mackinaw City, Mich. RDC
Form 61 Philadelphia-Atlantic City, N.J. (became PRSL Form 61) RDC
Form 62 Sparrows Point (Md.) Branch RDC
Form 63 Buffalo-Mayville, N.Y. RDC
Form 63 Pittsburgh-Chicago RDC
(survived to PC; discontinued; info in PC Form 55)
Form 64 Cumberland Valley (Harrisburg-Hagerstown, Md.-Winchester, Va.) RDC
Form 65 Scranton, Pa.-Williamsport-Pittsburgh RDC
Form 69 Philadelphia-Wilmington, Del. (-> PC Form 69) RDC
Form 70 Philadelphia-Highland/Chestnut Hill, Pa./Browns Mills RDC
Form 72 New York-New Brunswick, N.J. (-> PC Form 72) RDC
Form 75 Philadelphia-West Chester, Pa. condensed RDC
Form 76 Montreal/Boston-Washington RDC
(later, Boston-Washington; -> PC Form 76)
Form 77 Buffalo-New York/Philadelphia/Baltimore/Washington
Form 79 New York-Washington (-> PC Form 79) RDC
Form 80 Baltimore/Washington to Boston and West RDC
Form 83 Express trains to the west RDC
Form 83 Brooklyn to Toms River, N.J. (1880s) RDC
Form 84 PRSL Philadelphia-Ocean City/Wildwood/Cape May, N.J. RDC
Form 85 New York-Philadelphia express (1890s) RDC
Form 85 Chautauqua (N.Y.) Division (1900) RDC
Form 85 Pittsburgh-Edgewood, Pa. RDC
Form 86 Pittsburgh-Oil City, Pa. RDC
Form 87 PRSL Philadelphia-Millville, N.J. RDC
Form 89 Harrisburg-Millersburg/Newport, Pa. RDC
Form 90 Principal trains North, East, West RDC
Form 91 Pittsburgh-Columbus, Ohio RDC
(later, Pittsburgh-St. Louis; survived to PC; discontinued)
Form 92 Cincinnati/Columbus/Louisville-Chicago, Columbus-Cincinnati (-> PC Form 92) RDC
Form 95 PRSL Philadelphia-Haddonfield, N.J. RDC
Form 96 PRSL Philadelphia-Egg Harbor, N.J. RDC
Form 98 Pittsburgh-Oil City, Pa.-Buffalo RDC
Form 99 New York/Philadelphia-West RDC
Form 99 Fort Meade, Md. to Baltimore/Washington RDC
Form 100 Edgewood-Aberdeen-Perryville, Md. to New York/Philadelphia/Washington RDC
Form 106 St. Louis-East RDC
Form 106 Pittsburgh-Carnegie, Pa. RDC
Form 107 Pittsburgh-Sewickley, Pa. condensed RDC
Form 109 Pittsburgh-Carnegie, Pa. condensed 110-210 see note 1 RDC
Form 115 Columbus, Ohio, city timetable 118 Bradford, Pa.-Olean, N.Y. RDC
Form 160 New York-Elizabeth/North Elizabeth, N.J. RDC
Form 161 Pittsburgh-Greensburg-Derry, Pa. RDC
Note 1:
Dating at least from the 1930s and 1940s, PRR issued small suburban Philadelphia and New York card timetables showing one or two destinations per timetable. Many of these became TDI (small folders with paid advertising) timetables in the 1960s. A complete list can be found in Edward F. Gardner's book, Timetable Review of the Pennsylvania Railroad, but here are the broad groupings (note that some numbers overlap and were used for different destinations at different times in history):
110-118 Phila.-West Chester, Pa.
120-124 Phila.-Levittown, Pa.
125-128 Phila.-Wilmington, Del.
130-135 Phila.-Camden-Mount Holly, N.J.
140-146 Phila.-Chestnut Hill, Pa.
146-148 Phila-Bristol, Pa.
150-153 Phila.-Norristown, Pa.
150-160 NY-Trenton, N.J.
161 Trenton-Phila.
180-188 Phila.-Paoli, Pa.
200-210 Phila.-Wilmington, Del.
Note 2:
Three joint forms of note:
  • Joint Form A (actually a Reading form) Phila-Reading-Pottsville, Pa., all trains of PRR-RDG. Became Reading Form A.
  • Joint Form B (actually a Reading form) Phila.-Pottsville condensed service, PRR-RDG. Became Reading Form B.
  • Joint Form 10 (PRR-DL&W) Scranton, Pa.-Wilkes-Barre-Sunbury-Pittsburgh
Note 3:
Many PRR specialty, single-train, and local timetables carried no form number. A few of general interest were:
  • Transcontinental sleeping-car service; issued at least on these dates and possibly others: March 31, 1946; April 28, 1946; June 2, 1946.
  • Closing of Broad Street Station, Philadelphia: April 27, 1952.
  • The Pennsy Aerotrain, demonstration of GM Aerotrain NY-Philadelphia-Pittsburgh 1956-57; timetables issued on at least these dates and possibly others: February 26, 1956, March 1, 1956, April 29, 1956.
  • New York-Washington featuring Pennsy Keystone ("tubular" Budd train) and Budd-built Congressional/Senator trainsets, June 24, 1956.
  • Condensed Chicago city timetable in small pocket folder format 1940s-1950s.
  • The Northern Arrow, seasonal summer weekly service Cincinnati-Fort Wayne, Ind.-Mackinaw City, Mich. (issued at least through 1961)
Note 4:
[Passenger train forms] compiled from the following sources:
  • [RDC's] collection.
  • Pennsylvania Railroad, Description and Form Numbers of Time Tables, June 6, 1966.
  • Gardner, Edward F. Timetable Review of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

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