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What's New?

PRR-Oriented Organizations

PRRT&HS: Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society
Selected NRHS Chapters

PRR Text Documents

PRR Book of Rules, 1956 (updates to 1964) (near finished)
PRR Book of Rules, 1857 (under construction)
First Annual Report of the Chief Engineer of the Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company, June 12, 1848
PRR Freight Train Schedules, Revision 1959.12.31
Standard Plans

PRR Maps

(and later maps of PRR territory)

Maps from the Centennial History of the PRR.
Fourteen maps detailing the territory through which the PRR passed and the roads it controlled, generally from before 1920.
Interlocking Diagrams.
Lots of them.
Maps culled from Employee Timetable General Orders (updates).
Maps of Zoo Interlocking, 1994 and proposed year 2000 changes.
Amtrak and Conrail maps of former PRR trackage.

Other PRR Documentation

Not official documents; experiential reports; collections.

Index of PRR Document Names and Numbers
PRR history.
Description of PRR trackage in various locations.
Interesting operations on the PRR.
Diesel locomotive and freight car rosters.
Divisional structure.
Oral histories.

PRR Images

On this site or other sites.

People of the PRR

Images submitted by readers.

Railfanning the PRR

Want to arrange your vacation around the preserved vestiges of the PRR? Try the lists on this page and its subpages. Includes Railfanning Guides, Riding the Pennsy, Pennsy Museums, Stations, Towers and Other Structures, Locomotives, Cabin Cars, Passenger Cars, and Freight Cars.

The PRR Modeler

PRR and PRRish Model Train Layouts
Modelling the PRR
Assessments of available models

Other Internet Resources on the PRR

Information, by geographic area
Information, general
PRR Stuff for Sale

Old Stuff

PRR Sesquicentennial Celebration, Special Events Calendar

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Terre Haute, Ind. changes, 1968.
Conrail Pa. Clearance Project
Changes near Valparaiso, Ind.

And more as I have the chance to scan stuff in.

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The Broad Way: A Pennsylvania Railroad Home Page
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