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Conrail Dispatching Desks (DS) by Division

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Conrail Dispatching Desks by Division


This list was compiled by multiple people on the RAILROAD list. Compliation was started by John Ernandez. There were multiple additional contributors, most of whom I don't recall. Please email me so that appropriate attribution can be assigned.

Corrections have been supplied by the following:

96.03.07 (Speak up! What's your name?)

The Desks

For simplicity, I have omitted the "DS" after each dispatcher desk's name.

Albany Division

DS Desk Line From To Chan
Boston Boston Line
Berkshire Boston Line
Mohawk Chicago Line Selkirk Syracuse
Mainline Chicago Line Syracuse (CP296) Depew (CP429) 1
Buffalo Terminal Chicago Line Depew Bayview 1
Albany Montreal Secondary
Niagara Branch Niagara Branch, Buffalo area lines 2
Hoboken Southern Tier Line Harmon's Cove Ny/NJ Border 1
Delaware Southern Tier Line NY-NJ Border W of Binghamton
Portage Sourhten Tier Line Buffalo Binghamton
Hudson Hudson Line 2
River Line River Line Cloisters NY CP-SK (Selkirk) 4

Philadelphia Division

DS Desk Line From To Chan
Philly Trenton Line CP-Port Reading Jct. CP-Park 2
S. Jersey Lines 2
Chester Sec. 2
Delaware Harrisburg Line Phoenixville Flat Rock Tunnel 1
Morrisville Line 1
Delaware Lines 1
Lehigh Line Lehigh Line Oak Island Allentown 2
Branch Line Stroudsburg Sec. 1
Runmore R.T. 1
River Line River Line CP-5 Cloisters NY 4

Harrisburg Division (as of 1995.07 ETT)

Harrisburg North DS    Buffalo Line*: CP STONEY to CP-GRAVITY [1]
                       Cresson and other area coal branches
Harrisburg South DS    Harrisburg line CP-Phoenix -- CP-Titus/Bird (near Rdg)
                       Washington DC area main line [1] & branches [2]
Port Road DS           Harrisburg area branches: Port Road, Enola, Shippensbg
Harrisburg East DS     Harrisburg Line CP-Titus -- CP-Tara (near Hgb)
                       Reading Line, Pottsville Br.
Har'b'g Terminal DS    HBG area: CP-Tara -- CP-Harris -- CP-Banks, -- CP-Stoney
                       Lurgan Br. / Hagerstown Sec.;  Royalton Br.
Harrisburg Middle DS   Pittsburgh Line: CP-Banks -- CP-Antis [Altoona] [1]
Harrisburg West DS     Pgh Line: CP-Antis -- Altoona -- Johnstown
                       Some Cresson Sec., Johnstown-area coal branches

Pittsburgh Division (as of 1995.07.23 ETT)

Changes as per 1996.02 Railpace provided by Richard D. Orr.

Cleveland East DS      Chicago Line: Buffalo to PA/OH line (approx)
Cleveland West DS      Chicago Line: above to east'n Cleveland
Cleveland Lakefront DS Chicago Line: above to Berea (Div post)
                       Short Line;  local ind. tracks
MGA E&W DS             MGA
Pittsburgh East DS     Pgh Line: Conpit (Johnstown) -- West Pitt [1]
                       Conemaugh Line, area branches
Pgh Ft Wayne Line DS   West Pitt -- LUM (E. Palestine; includes Conway)
                       old River Line, Ohio Connecting Br.
Cleveland Line DS      Cleveland--Alliance--Yellow Creek; Omal R.T.
Pittsburgh West DS     CP-LUM -- Adams (Ft. Wayne IN) [2]
Pittsburgh Branch DS   Mon Line, West Brownsville Br.
                       various other local branches
Youngstown Line DS     Youngstown Line: CP1 to ROCHESTER [1]
                       Meadville Line, Youngstown-area branches

Indianapolis Division

Chicago East DS listed by John Ernandez as Indianapolis Div.; however, I believe this is actually Dearborn Div.

Columbus Line DS       Indianapolis Line: Berea--Bellefontaine
                       Cincinnati Line: CP 138 -- CP West Alton (MP 146)
Indianapolis Line DS   Indianapolis Line: Bellefontaine -- Indianapolis IN
                       Toledo Branch: Stanley -- MP 8.8 (Dearborn Div.)
Cincinnati Line DS     Cincinnati Line: CP-West Alton -- Cincinnati OH
Toledo Branch DS       Scottslawn Secondary/Toledo Branch
South End DS           West Virginia Secondary
? DS                   Indianapolis -- Terre Haute -- E. St. Louis

Dearborn Division

Toledo East DS listed by John Ernandez as Indianapolis Div.; however, I believe this is actually Dearborn Div.. My Pittsburgh Div. ETT lists Berea as a division post between Pgh Div., Indianapolis Div., and Dearborn Div.

Toledo East DS         Chicago Line: Berea OH -- CP-285 [4]
Toledo Yard DS         Chicago Line: Vickers OH -- Nasby OH [1]
                       Detroit Line: CP-289 -- Alexis
                       Area branches: Miami Cut, Toledo Br., Stanley Sec.
Toledo West DS         Chicago Line: Nasby -- CP-421
                       Marion Branch: CP 412 to Division Post
Chicago East DS        Chicago Line: CP-421 (?Elkhart) -- CP-482 (?Chicago)
                       Porter Br.
                       #3, #4 tracks CP-Ivanhoe -- CP-Gibson
Chicago West DS        Chicago Line: CP-482 to 21 St. (Union Stn.)
                       SC&S Branch
Dearborn DS            Detroit Line: Alexis -- CP-West Detroit
                       Michigan Line: CP-Bay City Jct -- CP-Levitt
                       Area branches: North Yard, Lansing
                       Area secondaries: Carrothers, Sterling, Lincoln
Kankakee DS            CP-Levitt -- MP 145 (Kalamazoo; Amtrak)
                       Kalamazoo Branch (toward Elkhart) & Sec.
                       Amtrak Line (to Porter)
                       Kankakee Line & Sec.
                       Ft Wayne (from Adams west) Sec.
                       Area STs: Streator, Danville, Nipsco, Decatur

Buffalo Line: Renovo to Buffalo goes to Albany Div.
Chicago Line: Erie to Buffalo goes to Albany Div.
Cleveland Terminal goes to Dearborn Div.
Chicago Line: Cleveland to Erie goes to Dearborn Div.
note this will abolish tri-division boundary at Berea OH.
Harrisburg & east to Philadelphia Div.
Pittsburgh Line: Harrisburg to Conpit to Pittsburgh Div.

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