Conrail Abandonments and Line Sales, 1996

Conrail Abandonments and Line Sales, 1996

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January 25, 1996
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Will Retain Many Lines

Most of the lines (about 90 percent) are grouped into 12 geographic clusters and corridors, each of which Conrail plans to sell or has sold. Conrail will retain freight service on lines connecting these areas with the rest of the Conrail system. Four of these groups have been previously announced as candidates for sale, and one of these was sold last month.

The remaining eight are:

Conrail also plans to sell to short lines about 200 miles of other lines not associated with the clusters.

Conrail previously announced its intention to sell branch lines in the Boston, Carnegie PA, Clearfield PA, and Connecticut areas. The Clearfield sale was completed Dec. 29, 1995, and final negotiations with a buyer are underway for the Carnegie lines.

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Conrail Abandonments and Line Sales, 1996

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