Amtrak Dispatching Desks

Amtrak Dispatching Desks (DS) by Division

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Amtrak Dispatching Desks

This list was compiled by the author based on Amtrak Employee Timetable No. 1, issued 1994.10.30. Corrections to the author. Additions as per John Hay.

New England Division (fmr Boston Div)

Terminal DS            Boston -- Cove
Corridor DS            Cove -- Read
                       Dorchester Br to Dana
Midland DS             Read -- Junction
                       Dorchester Br Dana -- Transfer
Main Line DS           Junction -- Kingston
Shore Line DS          Kingston -- New Haven
Springfield Line DS    entire NH -- Sprigfield line

Metropolitan Division (fmr New York Div)

Section A DS           Gate -- CP-216 (fmr CP-Shell)
                       Empire Connection: CP-12 -- Empire (MP 1.0)
                       Bergen -- Union
					   R and Q interlockings
Penn Stn Central       Gate--Harold--A--Bergen
   Control DS          Penn Stn terminal area
Section B DS           Dock -- Lincoln (was Union -- Morris)
CETC-8 DS              Lincoln -- Ham (exc. 2300 Fri -- 2259 Sun)
CETC-7 DS              Ham -- Morris

Mid-Atlantic Division (fmr Philadelphia (fmr Philly+Balto) & Washington Divs)

CETC-6 DS              Morris -- Zoo -- Penn (30 St Stn)
CETC-5 DS              Penn
CETC-4 DS              Penn -- Ragan (S of Wilmington)
CETC-3 DS              Ragan -- Gunpow
CETC-2 DS              Gunpow -- Fulton (S side Baltimore)
CETC-1 DS              Fulton -- CP-Avenue
Train Director K Twr   CP-Avenue -- CP-Virginia (Washington Terminal)
Section C DS           Harrisburg line
Section E DS           Shore Line (to Atlantic City)

Mark D. Bej, M.D. 1996.02.04