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Licensing Agreement

This licensing agreement applies to all of this author's files made available via the World Wide Web, or via any other electronic means of reaching the site where they are made public. These files referred may be, variously, software, text, or images, in various formats. All such files are Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 by Mark D. Bej, all rights reserved.

Additionally, this site contains other files by other authors; such files should be assumed to be similarly copyrighted, by the respective author, unless otherwise specified.

The files are made available as "free software/text/images" in a licensing agreement similar to the GNU General Public License, with some differences. The act of downloading any of these files constitutes agreement to these terms.

This copyright and license is intended to protect the author's investment of blood, sweat, and tears (besides time and effort). The intent is not to make a buck off what is included herein, but only to prevent others from deriving monetary gain (profit) from my efforts or those of contributing authors.

Specifically, the user is permitted:

  1. To download the file(s) for personal use.
  2. To modify the file(s) for personal use only.
  3. To distribute, free of charge, the unmodified file(s) in its (their) entirety. Such distribution must include the source code (for software) or full text (for text or wordprocessor files) and this licensing agreement, to which the recipient must agree. Each such copy must conspicuously and prominently show the original copyright and absence of warranty, and such copies will have no further restrictions placed upon them except those listed here.

Users are prohibited from distributing:

  1. Original or modified copies of these files for profit (though a reasonable charge for duplication and shipping is permitted);
  2. Modified copies of the files, except where such modifications are minor ones made for one user and which are needed to allow the files to run (be executable; be readable) on that single user's system.

Users are encouraged:

  1. To submit modified (improved) copies, or suggestions for improvement, back to the original author at
  2. To find and notify this author of any errors in any items I have posted.
  3. To discuss these terms with me for any specialized situations that may not have been anticipated herein. I am a reasonable man.
  4. To create links to my pages from their own pages.

Mark D. Bej
+1 216-444-0119